Congrats to 19 Graduates in Certificate in Copyright Management

Nineteen people graduated today in Philadelphia at the annual conference of the Special Library Association (SLA) with a Certificate in Copyright Management (CCM). The graduates included one Canadian, some rights managers in publishing positions, and many librarians in a variety of positions from pharmaceutical and engineering companies to law firms and financial institutions and academic institutions. One thing all had in common was a desire to understand domestic and international copyright issues, Web 2.0 and other digital copyright issues, special library provisions and fair use/dealing, as well as educating others about copyright and licensing. Canadians in the program are required to take the online primer on Canadian copyright law and have the option to also enroll in the U.S. copyright law primer.

The program includes 6 online courses beginning with an intro to copyright management and concludes with 2 in-person courses. In the next offering of the CCM program, a new online course will be added on the author/owner’s perspective on copyright. The participants in the CCM program gain much more than knowledge about various practical aspects of copyright and licensing; they learn to manage fair use/dealing; find practical strategies and tools to say “yes” when asked by colleagues to use copyright-protected content; gain confidence in applying their knowledge; and join an excellent network of like-minded people. 2011 marks the 4th year of the Certificate program. The 2011-2012 Schedule for the CCM will be available in July.

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