Current Canadian Law Journals

Thank you for the kind welcome Simon. I’ve just returned fresh from a research leave where amongst other things I investigated the challenges and possibilities around creating a Canadian subject based research tool that does for Canadian Journals what the wonderful Current Index to Legal Periodicals does for US journals. I hope to talk a bit more about this project in a future entry.

In the meantime, along with many SLAW readers and contributors I have been missing the excellent Current Law Journal Content service offered by the Washington and Lee Law Lbrary. Simon has recently written about CLJC here. This service (which ceased in May) provided reasonably timely tables of contents for hundreds of law journals. At Bora Laskin we included links to CLJC in InfoExpressCurrent our monthly faculty newsletter as way to alert our faculty to new issues of Canadian journals.

Fortunately my research leave project required me to collect and keep track of the table of contents of every new Canadian law journal issue, so it seemed natural that we re-purpose all this information and in a small way try to fill CJLC’s void – at least for Canadian journals. My colleague Susan Barker, Bora Laskin’s Digital Services and Reference Librarian has taken all the ToCs that I am collecting, and has since May been producing a monthly list of tables of contents to include in our faculty newsletter. Our May listing is reproduced on SLAW here (under the Useful Things tab). If you think you will find this useful we encourage you to sign up for the RSS feed on the Bora Laskin Law Library’s Blog. I imagine similar projects may be brewing or are already in place in other libraries – in which case we may have opportunities for collaboration.

Ideally, in time this service will be supplanted by something much more robust – perhaps a collaborative effort by Canadian law schools to create an open access online repository of Canadian legal scholarship along the lines that Simon described a couple of months ago. In the meantime, I look forward to your comments and the possibility of collaboration.

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