What I’ve Learned on Google+ This Week

Google+ is the latest social media tool. It will take some time before we know how it will fit in with twitter, facebook and linkedin. Opinions range from it being a nuisance as it is just another thing we need to follow, to being a superior tool that will supplant other social media. But for now its growth rate has been phenomenal – 20 million users in 24 days.

So I thought it would be interesting to look at what I would have learned so far this week from Google+ if that was my only source of information. These are just a small number of selections based on my following of a relatively small number of people (25 at the moment) and without looking at its “Sparks” topical news feeds.

  • The Globe and Mail is running a series this week on facial recognition and privacy that is well worth looking at. (Including a live chat with David Fraser today at 1:00 Eastern) 
  • The privacy mess over cancer screening tests lost in the mail.
  • Dress for the job we want.
  • Universities opting out of Access Copyright.
  • Research discovers sugar doesn’t melt, it decomposes – which is a big deal for food scientists.
  • A Wall Street Journal article entitled “As Criminal Laws Proliferate, More are Ensnared” about the alarming increase in number and complexity of US federal laws that are resulting in people getting charged for innocuous things.




  1. What I’ve learned on G+ is that I’m addicted to FB Video Chat Rounds…I’m waiting for G+ to provide some gaming capability!