Google Doodle Honours Queen’s Freddie Mercury

As we often do here on Slaw, we’re drawing your attention to the current Google Doodle, in this case an animation to honour Queen’s marvelous Freddie Mercury (1946-1991), whose birthday is Monday, September 5. The screenshot below shows only one moment of a longish Flash movie that accompanies Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Google tells us that it won’t be seen in the US until a day later, September 6, because of Labour Day. (Er… Canada too.) But that indignity to Freddie is no impediment: Check it out on the UK Google site for the next few hours at least: And if after that you’re stumped about how to chase the time zones, just go to YouTube to see and hear the doodle — or Freddie lui même rocking out with the rest of Queen.

If by any quirk of fate — such as extreme youth, for example — you haven’t yet become a Queen devotee, I encourage you to surround yourself with their music. Even if it proves not to be your cup of tea, you won’t regret it.


  1. And, Lo, it shows up on even though the Google Blog said it would skip Labour Day. Change of mind? Someone forgot to pull the switch? Some automatic redirection from Canada? Matters not. It’s live on the right day.