and to Undergo Changes

Larry Bodine, former law firm marketing consultant known for his LawMarketing Blog, has been named the new editor-in-chief of and (If you are in Canada the link may flip you to the Canadian site unfortunately).

According to an article from the Law Technology News on September 16, Bodine has indicated he is going to overhaul the site:

…the site could stand improvement, Bodine said. Currently its content is aggregated from other sites. “The switch that I want to make is generating our own material. You’re going to see a complete change on the homepage as soon as I can get that accomplished,” he said. Also, “I want to start putting a lot more video on that site. I’m going to make the site much more interactive. You’ll be able to ask a question, there’ll be stuff to play with. The whole idea is to get people to come to the site when they don’t have an immediate legal need.

Once he has finished re-working the site, he is going to have a closer look at

Bodine said he’ll work on the Martindale site after instituting the rebuild. “We need to weave in and reach out to the legal marketing community … We need to do it in a way so it’s their sandbox to play in,” he explained.

No word yet on whether other related LexisNexis web properties around the world–including–will similarly go under the microscope.

Hat tip Nina Platt of Pinhawk Librarian News Digest for picking up the LTN article on Larry Bodine’s move.


  1. Larry Bodine gives additional details in this video interview with Ari Kaplan released today on YouTube: