Scobleizer’s Thoughts on Klout – a Must Listen

Klout’s recent tweaking of it influence scoring algorithm has a lot of people questioning the value of the various online tools that measure influence – especially those that saw their Klout score plummet. Mine actually went up :-)

What do these scores really measure? Do they really mean anything? How do you really measure your online influence?

Listen to this impromptu audio recording by Robert Scoble for his views on the value of online influence ranking tools, and the factors you should consider in accessing your online reach, influence the value of the content your post through social media channels. Hint: it’s all about the content and your participation!!!

I think this is also a great demo of the marketing potential of sending audio out to people via the web (in this case with SoundCLoud’s Flipzu tool).


  1. Hi Dan, great comments

    I think that Klout is fine if you are a person who is influential in the media world but for 99% of the population (forgive the Occupy Wall St ref) this doesn’t matter as I truly only care about what people think within my own social networks. I have a site called and we care about influential people in media in order to get coverage but the greatest benefit to our consumers and businesses, products and places that are on our site is to identify those ‘normal’ people who are the biggest influencers. My friend who has been to a restaurant or used a local service such as a contractor is infinitely more valuable to me than Robert Scoble suggesting the same thing.
    I haven’t crunched the numbers but for the <1% of major influencers out there, how many people do they truly influence vs the influence that comes from their close ties in their social networks? My guess is that ultimately the opinion of the <1% doesn't influence much (lest say people such as Steve Jobs).
    Interested in your thoughts.