CanLII Launches New Hyperlinking Tool

CanLII has presented us with an early Christmas present. They are offering up their new hyperlinking tool. As the linking page (found under Tools) states:

This tool automatically adds hyperlinks in your document to legislative and case law citations corresponding to materials posted on the CanLII website. This functionality is powered by Lexum’s LexHub, the same technology that is used to add hyperlinks within CanLII’s decisions.

I know, this is just a new version of their Reflex API that Simon wrote about in 2008. I covered the previous source of the API, the CanLex site in 2009. CanLex was a beta site and the service has been unavailable since February – presumably while the good folks at LexUM were developing and testing LexHub.

I tested the new tool on some in house research memos and it works very well. Thanks CanLII.


  1. This is cool. But it seems to randomly squash some words together that have nothing to do with any citation.

  2. M. Knopf,
    Happy to hear that you’ve tried out and enjoy our new hyperlinking tool.
    When we read your comment, we immediately began investigating the issue you bring up of words getting squashed together, but unfortunately, we have been unable to reproduce it.
    We’d be happy to look into your case and find out what caused this problem. If you like, write us at, we’ll be glad to hear from you to get this straightened out.
    Kind regards,
    The Lexum team