The Season of Giving

I just attended the 30th annual Christmas Bureau Breakfast. This local charity has been providing festive meals to Edmonton families in need since 1940. The breakfast, hosted by Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP, and sponsored by The Westin Edmonton, Sobeys and IGA was a wonderful event this year.

Field Law has been supporting the Christmas Bureau since the war years and we have participated in the Breakfast since its beginning. I am proud that our firm supports this worthy organization with an annual Craft auction as well as cash donations from lawyers and staff.

Many lawyers and law firms and the individuals that make up legal organizations have a tradition of giving back to their communities. What is your tradition?

If you don’t yet have a tradition, or you are inspired to think about a charitable giving program for your self, your firm, or your family, have a look at the Canadian Charitable Gift Matrix. This resource encourages strategic thought to the giving process and is provided by Community Foundations of Canada. If you are looking for a list of charities in Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency keeps a list.

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