The End of Print Deposits

From Gov’t of Canada Publications: “… the decision has been made to completely transition all publications published by the Publishing Program and publications provided by departments to the Depository Services Program from traditional print to exclusively electronic publication in two years. “ My first question is, does this include primary materials such as bills, gazettes and acts?

While we may have been expecting this transition to occur in the future, the question was always when does that future become the present? For now, that time looks like it is 2014, the question being is this the right time to make this transition?

The most recent data from Statistics Canada indicates that roughly 20% of Canadian Households do not have internet access at home, with age and income level being significant determinants in those numbers. With the impending end of the CAP program are we, as a society, comfortable with one-fifth of the population being unable to access government publications without some degree of difficulty?

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