Hacked (For Canada Day, by Us)!

Happy Canada Day long weekend! Okay, it’s still a few hours early… but before you head out on the road or away to the cottage, your friends at Stem would like to invite you to re-visit the Canadian Law Blogs directory.

We’ve orchestrated a few design changes to celebrate our country’s 145th birthday! Canadian-ized the place, if you will; planting a couple of dozen easter eggsTerrance and Phillip would be proud!

I’ll even start you with an example: Fodden’s Beer Fridge (formerly Simon’s Canadian Law Blogs Google co-op search) has a ‘Crack a Cold One’ button — you’ll want your speakers ‘on’ before you click.

Happy Canada Day from all of us at Stem! And if you don’t find us funny, we’re very very very sorry. Cheers!

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