The Friday Fillip: Sides of the Court

What with Canada Day around the corner and all, I thought it might be a good idea to head to the nation’s capital, and since this is a law blog, to the Supreme Court. The aim is to show you five sides of the cube, in effect — and a few goodies from the interior — as a bunch of holiday snaps. Feel free to share your shots of the SCC via the comments.

[Click on any of the images to enlarge it]

Everyone’s seen the standard front view, building all gussied up and proud. We’ll here’s a plainer shot of the front, taken a few years back, when the steps etc. were being repaired. This is a functional court, unglamorous, on a rainy working day…

Not a lot going on here. Which is why there’s only one side shot. Seen one, seen the other.

For beauty, it’s hard to beat the rear view of the Court when shot from across the river. This is a massive, solid court sitting comfortably in nature.

For this view we turn to Google Earth (though the Court has an aerial shot in its own gallery of snaps).

And here’s a remarkable shot, said to be of the sewers beneath the Court. (Those of you who’ve been with Slaw for a few years now may remember this from an earlier fillip.)

Two of my favourite shots from inside the court building:

First, the court within the court:

Then, the lovely staircase leading down from (or up to, I suppose) the library:

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