Some colleagues and I are toying with Chatter. Chatter is enterprise social collaboration. We are testing it to see if we have a need for instant message like communication. Chatter is an interesting to use for this experiment because it has some features that could fit with our culture.

  • mobile apps for Blackberry AND Android AND iPhone and iPad
  • a desktop app
  • a web tool
  • domain based grouping

The domain based grouping means that:

A company’s individual, private Chatter network is created based on email domain name. To protect your company’s private and sensitive business information, all participants in your Chatter network must have an email with the company’s domain name. For example, if your work email address is, only colleagues whose email address also ends in (e.g., can join you on Chatter.

We may be a bit behind in regards to IM in law firms. Luigi Benetton (you may know him from his TechnoZen blog) wrote about IM at work in an October 7, 2011 Lawyers Weekly article.

Has your organization adopted IM? Was it a success? I am interested to see some comments.

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