Causing Commotion, but Not Here

Dear All,

Once upon a time, a trial judge said that an article I’d written on causation was “complete” and that some of what I’d said was “the current state of the law in Canada”. However, the “complete” adjective was part of a phrase: “complete, if not overly analytical” – see here.

Anyway, starting this week, my “overly analytical”, denser (all implications intended), posts on causation will now appear on my own blog called “The 4th Monkey“. I will still post about important causation issues on Slaw, but those posts will will be shorter and punchier (all implications intended).

One reason for the new blog is to collect, in a one place, the posts I’ve written about causation on various law blogs.


David Cheifetz


  1. Congratulations on the new blog, David. Very clever name.

  2. Thanks.

    One good thing about the name is that when I’m stuck for something useful to write about, I’ll make jokes about Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and the other 7 monkeys. (It was a good movie.)