Educating the Digital Lawyer – the eBook

You may have already seen this, but it was new to me. In 2010-2011 Harvard Law School and New York Law School hosted a year-long contest of ideas respecting legal education called “Future Ed“. One of the results was the book Educating the Digital Lawyer edited by Marc Lauritsen and Oliver Goodenough. The book explores the question “What will legal education look like as we train our graduates to be effective lawyers in the digital world of the 21st Century?”

Published by LexisNexis, a complimentary copy of the e-book format is available here [note: clicking on this link will start downloading the full e-book]. You may need to download an ebook reader such as Adobe Digital Editions to view it.

For a fuller description, see the Harvard Law School page for Educating the Digital Lawyer. Here is the table of contents; you can open individual chapters in PDF by clicking the links:

Table of Contents, Author Biographies & Introduction, by Marc Lauritsen & Oliver Goodenough

  1. What Does “Digital Lawyer” Mean?, by Brian Donnelly
  2. Lawyering in an Age of Intelligent Machines, by Marc Lauritsen
  3. Meta-What? Lawyers, Legal Training, and the Rise of Meta-Data for Digital Securities and Other Financial Contracts, by David M. Blaszkowsky & Matthew Reed
  4. Under the Hood of the Internet, by Harry Lewis
  5. Educating Superior Legal Professionals: Successful Modern Curricula Join Law and Technology, by Jeanne Eicks
  6. Survey of Existing Courses in Lawyer Use of Technology, by Brock Rutter
  7. Teaching Litigation Technology, by Fred Galves
  8. Cyberclinics: Law Schools, Technology and Justice, by Ronald W. Staudt
  9. Simulation: A Pedagogy Emerging from the Shadows, by Paul Maharg
  10. What Should Be in a Digital Curriculum: A Practitioner’s Must Have List, by Stephanie Kimbro
  11. Law School Reset-Pedagogy, Andragogy & Second Life, by Barbara L. Bernier & F. Dennis Green
  12. A Critical Embracing of the Digital Lawyer, by Michael G. Bennett
  13. The Digital Lawyer’s Evolving Edcation in Scholarly Research, by Gregg Gordon
  14. Afterword, by Oliver R. Goodenough

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