Seven New Years Resolutions for a Better Practice

  • I will fire my worst client: This client is the one that calls you almost every day, sends you hourly emails, never has enough for a retainer and bickers about paying your fees. When ending the retainer, make sure you comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • I will book my vacation: Your body and mind need a vacation and some downtime. Grab your calendar and block off two weeks for a vacation. Make sure to coordinate with your spouse/significant other. Under no circumstances do you book anything during those two weeks. Schedule it now and make sure you both take it!
  • I will book a medical appointment: Are you seeing the doctor or other health professionals as often as you should? Don’t put off your regular check-up because you are too busy. Investing some time now may mean that small health issues don’t become big ones.
  • I will give more priority to exercise this year: Put this in your calendar, too. Even if it is just a walk around the block at mid-day, bowling with the kids or using that dusty treadmill while you watch TV, it all helps to improve physical and mental health.
  • I will tackle that file I have been avoiding: Set aside some time in your calendar in the first two weeks of the year to deal with that dusty file on the floor in the corner of your office that you have been avoiding. Unlike a fine wine, the file won’t get better with age!
  • I will connect with my spouse/partner: The practice of law is very stressful and demanding, on both you and your spouse or partner and family members. Take your significant other out to dinner and ask them: How and where does my work bug you? What needs to be changed to make this year better?
  • I will connect with a few of my best clients: Take your best client(s) out to lunch, dinner or a coffee (if strapped for cash) and ask them: What am I doing well? What am I not doing well? What needs to be changed to make this year better? And the most important point – do this off the clock. An off-the-clock visit to the premises of a business law client is often appreciated – everyone likes to show off their operations.

These resolutions were taken from “New Year’s resolutions for a better practice and a new you” which can be found in the December edition of LAWPRO Magazine.

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