Technology Predictions

Deloitte has released its Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions 2013 report, which outlines its top 10 Canadian predictions in these three realms of activity for the upcoming year.

The predictions themselves are interesting and I, for one, learnt about certain technology issues that I was not even aware were going concerns.

An issue that is often discussed and the related prediction that may (or may not) seem surprising is password security: the report predicts that 90% of user-generated passwords will be vulnerable to hacking within seconds. Part of this problem is the way that users themselves structure their passwords (i.e. to make them easier to remember). Another prediction is that the PC will continue to be a primary tool for work and play, even in light of all the tablets and smartphones that people now use.

The Deloitte report also talks about the BYOC phenomenon – one that I was unaware of – the “Bring Your Own Computer”. It predicts that over 50% Fortune 500 companies will allow a voluntary BYOC; instead of having it as a formal policy, it will be used as a perk.

There are seven other predictions listed, all with thoughtful questions as to how they may affect your business. Are you surprised with any of the predictions?


  1. Surprised with the “More than 99% of North American TV subscribers will continue to subscribe”. I would have thought that would be a much lower percentage what with many TV stations now providing offerings online, Apple TV, HD quality of iPads etc. I would have thought this would be a generational thing with younger users not opting for TV subscription and older users retaining the more traditional interface. 99% doesn’t really reflect that!!