Notable Goings-on at CanLII

CanLII users will have noticed a couple of interesting recent developments over at our free legal information institute.

In January Simon Fodden pointed us to CanLII’s announcement of a new partnership with a translation agency “to ensure selected leading Canadian judgments are available in both of Canada’s official languages.” As Simon noted, challenges of access to decisions in one language or the other have been discussedmorethanonce at Slaw, and this is welcome news.

And a post last week hints at exciting developments yet to come. CanLII is advertising an opportunity for the right person to join the Institute to manage content and partnerships. The permanent position looks not to be in the entry range: It calls for “strong understanding of legal information and the needs of legal professionals” along with “substantial practical experience working with the law,” and it hopes for full bilingual ability.

It seems it will engage the successful candidate at a high level within the Institute: “…your contributions will ensure the organization delivers on its current priorities. More than that, you will play a crucial role in developing CanLII’s future priorities…As our representative, you would engage with courts, law societies, governments and various others…”

As intriguing as the employment opportunity is the subtext in the post — the yet-unstated or still developing priorities and further partnerships. We’ve seen the outcomes of a few recent partnerships, in secondary content and in the translation initiative already mentioned.

I’m curious about what else CanLII has up its sleeve.



  1. Colin and CanLII were instrumental in our development of our new mobile app for insolvency-focused lawyer, RESOLVE. We now have a streamlined, bankruptcy-focused version of CanLII in our app. CanLII on the go. We hope to expand this service soon.

    Here is our announcement:

    Andre Mazerolle
    Director, Client Development
    Farber Financial Group