The Friday Fillip: Bergen to Oslo

Okay, this one’s a little odd.

It consists, essentially, of two links to YouTube videos. Together these offer you a seven-hour train ride from Bergen to Oslo, as seen from a camera installed on the front of the locomotive. That’s it.

Only in Norway, you say. Well, you may be right. That country’s been in the blogs recently as the source of some pretty peculiar film and television. The one that’s caught commentators‘ (caustic) imaginations the most is the 12-hour TV show of logs burning to ash in a fireplace.

This train ride is somewhat more lively, I assure you. It’s the sort of thing you might put on a large screen and let run on a day when you’ve nothing to do but sit and read a book with a drink in your hand. Look up occasionally — or when the chime or the announcement identifies a location — and see beautiful countryside (very Canadian-like), dark tunnels, small stations flash by.

Ha en fin tur.


  1. For those of you in a hurry, I’ve just learned of another long train trip that’s perfect for you: This ad for GE is a similar video but has a 24-hour journey from Florida to New Jersey collapsed into three minutes, thanks to time lapse. Come to think of it, these two videos are in every respect brilliantly representative of the two countries of origin.