Legal Innovator’s Round Table

Having coffee one day with Mitch Kowalski, whom I met through these pages, the idea bubbled up of regular informal meetings of like-minded legal professionals interested in delivering legal services in a way that suits the 21st Century – not the 19th.

No agendas, no speakers, no membership lists — just a regular place and time for people to drop in and chat about what we’re doing, following or finding in our efforts to make the legal profession more like a modern business.

Mitch took the important step of actually organizing it. The first meeting took place at the Pilot (Cumberland just west of Yonge) on Thursday last week.

It was astonishing. A throng of people (more than you could talk to). Conversation buzzed. In the space of an hour I heard encouragement and endorsements for the referral advocacy model I thought I have been promoting in the wilderness.

We’ve arbitrarily picked the first Thursday of each month at 12:30 pm at The Pilot for this event.

Drop in.

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