Mexico Is Where?

What’s VERY wrong with with picture (except perhaps in some US politicians dreams) and how did it get by the editor(s)?


The related NY Times article is here or at the short URL on top.


  1. If you look at the entire picture, you’ll see that they included Mexico in “Latin America and
    the Caribbean”. Mexico is blue, just like all of the other countries in that category. So I’d suggest that your excerpt is a bit misleading.

  2. I looked at the entire picture; hence my title. “Latin” and “Northern” aren’t commensurable absent explanation. Your point is that the graphic uses “Northern America” not “North America”. The editors of the NYT would probably refer to a current geopolitical usage of “Northern America” as explained in Wikipedia, here which doesn’t include Mexico (even if once did). In passing, I suspect many parts of the U.S. would not agree that they’re in “Northern” America.