The Friday Fillip: Paper

Paper, that stuff our money used to be made out of, that intermediate medium between vellum and pixels — the afterlife for some 150,000,000 forty-foot trees each year in Canada alone. It’s so clearly doomed in many people’s minds that we’re able to look at it as something apart now, to see it, as it were, where before it was simply always and everywhere. So let’s look.

How Google sees it.


We’re getting close to April 1, so it’s appropriate to take a look at one of Google’s April Fool’s Day jokes: the one from 2007 on Gmail Paper: “A New Button: Now in Gmail, you can request a physical copy of any message with the click of a button, and we’ll send it to you in the mail.”

These Google hoaxes are well done, so it’s worth your going to the site, particularly to the more information page, where you’ll find a bunch of testimonials like the one below.


How the ordinary man on the job sees it – eventually.

How a programmer re-invents it.

Paper.js is a website that demonstrates one of the reasons that paper is challenged now: what’s on it just lies there inert. (Yes, I know, this is a real plus in many people’s minds.) Whereas on a web “page” what’s written there can be made to jump, twitch, flow, rotate, etc. etc. Whatever you may think about, well, moving pictures, go and play with the examples; it’s fun. And if you move your cursor into the upper right hand corner of the examples, you’ll see you’re given a chance to change the coding yourself.

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