New CanLII

CanLII is testing a new search interface! Check out The CanLII Blog reports:

CanLII is proud to present a new search interface designed to unify the functionalities of its search engine under a single form that is at once easier and more powerful to use. This beta site allows our users to get comfortable with this new tool, its functionalities and its organization. As this interface evolves over the coming months, we invite you to send us your comments and suggestions.

Like the single search box on the basic Google page? You will probably like the beta site search experience.


  1. It looks good. I did a search on “criminal code > 2011” and it gave me hits from 2011 to 2013. But apparently the “>” is not an operator it was the 2011 on its own that did the trick. I am looking forward to playing with this at the CALL convention.

  2. I like that hovering over the faint “?” in the search box continues to show us the operators. The “>” isn’t listed. As it was with the old advanced search box, maybe the start date is enough. I like the new date facet drop down box at the top of the result set, for this kind of refinement.

  3. David Cheifetz

    I understand why CanLII would want to go to a Google-type default interface, given Google’s ubiquity. Nonetheless, I hope the final form of the of the new CanLII includes an advanced search page which is accessible in some obvious way from the default interface. CanLII should also consider retaining some form of the classic interface, as it which provides those people who are unfamiliar with CanLII a clear roadmap to how to design their searches. Otherwise, in my view, the new CanLII will be neither “easier” nor “more powerful” – I take those terms to mean “useful” – for either the occasional or experienced user.