2013 LawTechCamp

Technology is the game-changer in the legal field, and yet most lawyers are not very technologically inclined. LawTechCamp seeks to change that, bringing together non-lawyers from the tech sector and the lawyers who are eager to identify the opportunities of the future.

Now in it’s third year, LawTechCamp is scheduled for June 8, 2013 in Toronto. The panels this year will again focus on some of the cutting-edge developments in the intersection of law and tech, and brings in several speakers from outside of Canada. Here’s a sampling of what you can expect:

Due diligence is one of those things that both junior lawyers and clients hate equally. It’s also one of those areas highly suitable for automation. Noah Waisberg and Alexander K. Hudek of DiligenceEngine will describe machine learning and the opportunity it affords to lawyers.

Sarah Glassmeyer of the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) will expand on digital publications and the implications for legal research.

James Peters of LegalZoom, Adam Ziegler of Mootus, and Josh Kubicki will discuss the larger disruptions of technology to the economy as a whole, and how start-up companies deal with daunting regulations.

A panel consisting of Mitch KowalskiVenk ChandranBill Kapralos and Lorene Nagata will explore how legal staff can be better engaged using game thinking and game mechanics.

Other speakers and panels are still being finalized, but it’s already clear that there are some specialized insights here which the entire industry could use.

The venue this year is smaller and the schedule shorter to allow for a more intimate setting and greater cross-pollination. Unfortunately it also means that tickets are likely to sell out, so advance registration is strongly recommended.

The press release follows:

Technological and business innovations are pushing industries worldwide to become more efficient and effective. Unfortunately, the legal industry has yet to modernize. LawTechCamp was designed to address this problem and to identify ways of moving forward by bringing together leaders in both the legal and technology industries. The conference examines the intersection between law and technology and provides a space where conversations about their intersection can take place.

The third annual LawTechCamp will take place on June 8th in Toronto at BNOTIONS office on Front and Jarvis. The unconference will bring together thought leaders for a half-day forum on in the intersection of law and technology. Guests will have the opportunity to hear from established industry leaders from CALI to LegalZoom, recent success stories like Clio and Mootus, and the next generation of startups that are beginning to gain traction in the marketplace.

LawTechCamp will extend the conversation beyond the scope of the unconference by partnering with digital media experts thirdocean to create a series of interviews to post online. Lawyers will be able to earn CPD hours while challenging the underlying assumptions of how technology can shape the practice of law. Topics for discussion will be as diverse as how technology can make a law practice more efficient and effective, to how a Toronto startup is bringing the lessons learned from crowdsourcing to the world of litigation funding.

This year’s half-day LawTechCamp will be punchier, more compact and personal. The more intimate setting will allow guests and presenters to network more effectively, and also for panels to be more evenly balanced between audience and presenter. As a result of LawTechCamp’s focus on engaging with its guests, registration is limited and is expected to fill very quickly. Tickets are currently on sale for $25.00 and are expected to sell out. To reserve your spot at the conference, visit lawtechcamp.com.


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