Snarks and Boojums

One of the perqs (?) of writing for traditional, paper, law journals is the author’s offprint. One of the problems of writing for those journals is what to do with most of those offprints if one wants to keep one’s friends who aren’t compelled to accept one. They (the offprints, not the friends) aren’t as convenient as the old-style paper matchbooks for levelling off-kilter restaurant tables and the like.

I received, this morning, 3 packages which, when opened and emptied, yielded an about 14″ (about 35.56 cm) stack of offprints containing my recent too-long article “Factual Causation in Negligence After Clements” (2013) 41 AQ 179. Rather than recycle, or risk those friendships, I’ll mail a copy to the first 7 Canadian-school law students who email me; claim they’ll attempt to read the piece (including the footnotes – my best writing tends to be buried in the footnotes); ask nicely – the magic word is “please”; and provide a snail mail address.

You’ll find the email address to use in the information about me on the About / Occasional Contributors page.

Those of you familiar with my first major article on factual causation in negligence will understand the Snark reference. If you don’t know your Lewis Carroll, you’ll probably need to read the new article to understand the Boojum reference.


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