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Tips Tuesday

Here are excerpts from the most recent tips on SlawTips, the site that each week offers up useful advice, short and to the point, on technology, research and practice.

Technology Will Help You Find the Gems on YouTube
Dan Pinnington

Any way you slice it, there is a lot of junk on YouTube. And 72 hours of new junk is uploaded every minute of every day. It would take you 6,400 years to watch all the videos on YouTube. Doubt you have time for that. comes to your rescue. . . .


Shaunna Mireau

Every . . . [more]

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Can Big Data Also Be a Public Good?

Big data is big news these days. Whether its consumer and user data from Google, Amazon, and Walmart, or the government’s big-data grab of phone and email records from the companies we trust, like Google and Version, in the latest US, as well as Canadian as it turns out, governments invasion of civil liberties in a war on terror threatening to take citizen’s data points hostage.

There is much to be concerned about with big data, from profiling to privacy issues. When it comes to where I work, in the space of scholarly communication, I can see that my . . . [more]

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The Role of Documentary Discovery in Civil Litigation

In Ontario, parties are required to disclose to the opposing side every document in their power, possession or control that is relevant to the lawsuit. Lawyers are required to explain to the client the necessity of making full disclosure and must sign a certificate to that extent.

The purpose of this disclosure was discussed in a recent decision. In short, each party is entitled to know what documents exist for potential use at trial. The decision also highlights what is not required, namely a party is not required to explain how or where relevant documents were found, or explain . . . [more]

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Canada Day

Today is Canada Day, so there won’t be regular posting on Slaw. Instead, we’ll be outside (we hope) celebrating our country’s 146th birthday. Oh, and in Quebec there’ll be a lot of déménagement going on, because it’s moving day in that province, a traditional, rather than a legal event, when a too large number of leases terminate and moving companies experience a bonanza.

Thanks, by the way, to Google for the tip of the chapeau to our Parliament building:

Update: I should have mentioned that the link takes you to their “street view” of the inside of the Parliament. . . . [more]

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