Civil Justice Delay

My last post here before the summer break was on the OBA end of term speech by Alan Lenczner which lamented the condition of the Ontario civil justice system, and in particular, delays in obtaining hearing dates.

On 15 August the executive of the OBA civil litigation section passed a unanimous resolution to the effect that it believes the civil litigation system in Ontario is in “disarray”, that “corrective action is needed urgently” and requesting that the OBA Board and Council take immediate steps to address the matter effectively”.

The OBA has now established a Court Delay working group. Its first meeting is 11 September. Its mandate is :

  1. to feed information and concerns to the Bench and Bar committee on delay, which will meet monthly;
  2. to develop media strategy on the issue;
  3. to develop, advocate and comment on solutions.

Watch this space for further news.

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