Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Canadian Mentorship Challenge is on this week as part of Global Entrepreneurship week. The challenge is for local organizations to mentor 10,000 entrepreneurs this week.

Here in London I spent some time yesterday at Hacker Studios talking to some people with budding business ideas. In addition to legal mentoring, advice is available on topics including accounting, sales, business planning, marketing, and human resources.

There are several groups in London that support an entrepreneur culture. What do other communities do?

A portion of my practice deals with startups and small business in the tech sector. To be frank, some of the business plans and entrepreneurs are destined for failure for many reasons. But many have interesting and cutting edge ideas with great potential. Helping these entrepreneurs can put legal needs in perspective, as you have to focus on what they really need in practice, and when – rather than from a theoretical cover every legal risk approach.

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