Access to Justice in Canada

If ideas and discussion about access to justice in Canada interest you, consider setting aside your next fifteen-minute break (or 13:35 of it) to hear a good presentation. Andrew Pilliar,a PhD student at UBC Law, recently delivered a TEDx talk on “why you should care about access to justice.” Andrew addresses the widespread unaffordability of legal services—including for people who would not qualify for legal aid but whose circumstances might turn dire were we to find ourselves in need of legal help.

He directs the talk to the general public, to the profession, and also specifically to law students. Andrew spoke on similar themes as part of an excellent panel at the CBA Equal Justice Summit this spring, and his PhD research focuses on improvement to access to justice in Canada.

Potential spoiler alert: In his TEDx talk, Andrew floats a proposal discussed during a luncheon debate at that Summit which I liked and wrote about. It’s arguably pie-in-the-sky, but I like it ever more, the more I think about it.

Watch Andrew Pilliar on “Why you should care about access to justice”:

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