African Law Library

The tagline for the African Law Library is “Innovative access to law”. The service, which requires a registration for which there is no cost, links to documents published by the African Legal Information Institute and other collections, including suggestions for research projects and the ability to support communities of practice (workgroups).

The African Law Library uses the online platform of for the integration of a broad variety of document sources and participants profiles. It offers the following features:

  • Online library with documents that are full text, multilingual, from all countries in Africa;
  • Access to legal texts, selected court decisions and secondary literature from African countries and from around the world;
  • Full text documents, downloadable and printable;
  • Free access (after registration/login for free);
  • Fully searchable by subjects, keywords, country, type of document;
  • Collections of secondary literature with commentaries, scientific articles, educational documents;
  • Collection classification by country, themes, type of organisation and document;
  • Submission of your own documents;
  • Quality control with international standards;
  • Network with members from all over the world to enable exchange across boundaries;
  • Platform for peers to interact and exchange and to carry out comparative research;
  • Network of participants and a searchable directory of experts; and
  • Online research workgroups (national, continental, intercontinental) to work for example on topics such as comparative law between countries and many other research fields.

AfricanLII’s main goal is to promote free access to law and open justice in Africa. According to the press release, the African Law Library aims to promote innovative approaches to African legal issues, transparency and good government across the Continent, and to promote the important roles which tradition and customary approaches to law must continue to play in Africa’s future.

Hat Tip to the Legal Informatics Blog for sharing.

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