2013 Canadian Law Blogs Awards (Clawbies) Announced

If you haven’t done so already, head on over to the Clawbies website to get the full story on this year’s winners. I’ll only say here that the award for the “Best Canadian Law Blog” goes to First Reference Talks piloted by the wonderful (and Slaw blogger, too) Yosie Saint-Cyr.

Oh, and the three Best Practitioner Blogs are David Fraser’s Canadian Privacy Law Blog, Lisa Stam’s Employment and Human Rights Law in Canada, and Russell Alexander’s Family LLB.

And the Legal Culture Award this year goes to Andrew Langille’s great Youth and Work. . . .

Well, you see how it is: the beans have been spilled over at the Clawbies site, so there’s not much point in my repeating things here: go there right now to scoop ’em all up.

But on behalf of all of us at Slaw — which was taken out of the Clawbies running a couple of years ago — let me just say a hearty congratulations to all of the winners and wish all of us a great blogging year in 2014.

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