A Civil Litigator’s iPad Toolbox

I love my iPad mini. I have been using it for just over one year. It has proved to be tremendously helpful in my civil litigation practice.

There are hundreds of similar pieces about “ipad apps for lawyers.” This is a simple setup that works for me. 

My basic tools are PDF Converter and PDF Expert.

I use the PDF Converter app to convert Word documents into PDFs so that I can annotate them using the PDF expert app.

Using the PDF expert app, I can mark up any PDF document. I can highlight it, put text annotations, arrows, big X’s, anything. I can send annotated PDFs to others.

If my opponent sends me a notice of motion, it goes into PDF expert. I mark it up and keep a copy. I store transcripts. I markup my opponent’s factum and mine. I can store and markup an entire book of authorities (CanLII is especially helpful for this). And it all fits in my jacket pocket. Give it a try!

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