Today Is Pi Day

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at [Mar 14] 11.56.20 AM

. . . which might have made an excellent Friday Fillip if I’d remembered in time. But here are a couple of things even so to brighten your Friday and bring the week full circle.

First up, a great series of columns on the elements of mathematics by Steven Strogatz from the pages of the New York Times back in 2010, making the bugbear quite cute and approachable. And one of those elements, of course, is Π, that mysterious fruit of circles. Strogatz explores an aspect of that in this column on infinity and calculus.

Then, if you’re intrigued, you might want to dip into the controversy (of sorts) about whether pi is the right constant for all this and whether, instead, it ought not to be 2Π and called tau (Τ). If so, you’ll go to The Tau Manifesto, a rather more challenging read.


  1. My favourite Pi Day discovery this year is Pi-lish writing. Sentences and more where the number of characters in successive words replicates the digits of Pi.