4 Out of 5 Lawyers Will Face a Malpractice Claim: Improve Your Odds

We’ve been happy to take part in Slaw’s Law Student Week. As a final post, here is a sobering fact: LAWPRO stats show that 4 out of 5 lawyers will face a malpractice claim during their careers. Fortunately, there are resources to help the new lawyer mitigate the risks and help LAWPRO (or other E&O insurer outside Ontario) effectively defend you should a claim arise.

  • The AvoidaClaim.com blog will give you the latest on claims and frauds and how to avoid them
  • practicePRO.ca/newcalls has tips, tools and resources on how to succeed in the practice of law
  • lawpro.ca/newcalls has information on insurance coverage that you will need when you go into practice.

And look for the 2014 Student Edition of LAWPRO Magazine in Ontario law schools which contains all the articles we’ve posted here this week. It also serves as an introduction to LAWPRO and our messages of claims prevention and practice management.

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