CBA Futures Chat: Law and Design

I’m excited to be hosting a Twitter Chat next Tuesday with the CBA, chatting about Law & Design.

This month I’m finishing up my year-long fellowship at Stanford, where I’ve gotten the chance to experiment in what it means to take a user-centered, design-driven approach to how legal services are delivered. In the Twitter Chat, I’ll be talking about some of the experiments we ran & the projects I’m launching out of them.

I’m particularly interested in how we can use Design Methodologies — which put an emphasis on quick prototyping, frequent testing, and (above all) a focus on making services that users will love to use — to transform Self-Help resources.

I’ve been working on several new models in this vein of Self-Help & Consumer Law, which can help lay people get on track when it comes to resolving legal problems. My emphasis is on providing visual, intuitive & interactive tools that can help a person get on the right path & then navigate it on their own terms.

Another one of my guiding interests is in how to train lawyers & law students as professionals. I’ve been running lots of workshops training professionals in the design process, to unlock a culture of creativity and experimentation in the world of law. I’ve also been teaching short classes on communication design and service design, as applied to law. My goal is to build broader tool sets for lawyers, and to expose them to other types of interdisciplinary ways of working.

Do you have any ideas or experiences in these areas? I’d love to hear them on the Twitter Chat — and see what collaboration might grow out of them!


Join Margaret Hagan for CBA Futures Twitter Chat on Tuesday, June 17th at 1:00pm ET. Follow @CBAFutures and search for the hashtag #cbafutureschat.

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