Summaries Sunday: Maritime Law Book

Summaries of selected recent cases are provided each week to Slaw by Maritime Law Book. Every Sunday we present a precis of the latest summaries, a fuller version of which can be found on MLB-Slaw Selected Case Summaries at

This week’s summaries concern:
Criminal Law

Voltage Pictures LLC v. John Doe et al. 2014 FC 161
Copyright – Equity – Practice – Telecommunications
Summary: Voltage Pictures LLC, a film production company, hired a forensic investigation company to investigate whether any of Voltage’s cinematographic works were being copied and distributed in Canada over P2P (peer to peer) file sharing networks using BitTorrent. The forensic investigation resulted in a number of subscribers of TekSavvy Solutions Inc., a Canadian internet service provider, being identified by their unique IP address. Voltage commenced a copyright infringement action against unnamed infringers. …

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. v. ShawCor Ltd. et al. 2014 ABCA 289
Summary: The defendants applied for an order compelling the plaintiff to provide a further and better Affidavit of Records. The Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, in a decision reported at 559 A.R. 66, dismissed the application. The defendants appealed. The Alberta Court of Appeal allowed the appeal. …

Kazemi Estate v. Islamic Republic of Iran 2014 SCC 62
Civil Rights – Common Law – Courts – International Law
Summary: A Canadian citizen, Zahra Kazemi, a freelance photographer, died after being arrested and detained in Iran. Stephan Hashemi, her son, instituted an action for damages on behalf of himself and his mother’s estate against (1) the Islamic Republic of Iran, (2) Iran’s head of state, the Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, (3) Saeed Mortazavi, the Chief Public Prosecutor of Tehran, and (4) Mohammad Bakhshi, the former Deputy Chief of Intelligence of …

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