Tips Tuesday

Here are excerpts from the most recent tips on SlawTips, the site that each week offers up useful advice, short and to the point, on technology, research and practice.


Don’t Worry About Overcharging Your Mobile Device Batteries*
Dan Pinnington

Some people still worry about overcharging the batteries on their mobile devices. Those of us that have been around a bit longer will remember the days when you were supposed to fully charge and then fully discharge your batteries so they would maintain the ability to take and retain a full charge through many charging cycles. This was an issue that was necessitated by nickel-cadmium batteries, which are rarely used in modern devices….


English Translation of Cases
Shaunna Mireau

Lyonette Louis-Jacques posted some great strategies for finding an English translation of case law at Slaw. Today’s short legal research tip: Read Lyo’s Slaw post “How to Find Cases in English Translation, Revisited“…


Tips on Law Blogging
Garry Wise

With the 10 year anniversary of Wise Law Blog rapidly approaching this April, my thoughts have turned recently to the nuts and bolts of law blogging. There are numerous articles online about the virtues of law blogging, in terms of the benefits becoming a blogger can bring to you and your firm. These include increased profile, better optimization for your firm’s website, and the benefits of being current and engaged in topics of interest to you and your clients.

* Editor’s pick

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