MaRS LegalX Launch

I was at the spectacular MaRS space at College/University tonight for the launch of the Legal X “industry cluster” dedicated to stoking entrepreneurship in the world of legal services.

Before the presentations even began I was inspired by the physical plant. The vast light-filled glass and stone entrance. An enormous main floor auditorium. Airbnb’s offices are just outside its stunning high glass walls. Delicious food and wine circulated briskly among the 200 strong crowd. The whole place throbbed with energy.

Law Scout – a MaRS based legal tech start up demonstrated how they deliver fixed fee legal services to small businesses. Seattle based Beagle explained their product which analyzes and highlights key information in legal documents, and allows collaborative drafting. An international panel of industry leaders including our own Mitch Kowalski discussed disruption of the legal market and the future of law.

Exciting stuff.

This business is going to be unrecognizable in another year.



  1. So glad you could join John. One clarification…. Beagle is actually based out of Canada but presently enjoying time as part of the Microsoft Ventures program in Seattle. They will become part of the MaRS ecosystem when that expires. Cian actually lives in Kitchener Waterloo.

    Great Canadian talent!

  2. I have to get myself to some of these conferences!