New! Meta Search of Open Access Law Journals!

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I recently reviewed the growing list of open access law journals, and re-read Louis Mirando’s series on this topic:

Open Access, Free Access to Law and Access to Canadian Legal Scholarship (Part 2)
Published February 20th, 2014
Open Access, Free Access to Law and Access to Canadian Legal Scholarship (Part 1)
Published October 25th, 2013

He had provided a good list of open access law journal projects. We had snagged a few others as well.

In revamping our University of Windsor Paul Martin Law Library website, I realized that the list of open access content is growing, so I thought it might be helpful for users to have a one-stop meta search for these open access law journals – so I created a Google Custom Search of open access law journals from Canada, the US and Europe. To view the full list of sites that are included visit this link.

This adds to my list of other Google Custom Searches, including:
Policing Journals and Magazines
Police Review Board Decisions
Military Law Journals and Magazines

I welcome feedback!

Happy Searching!!


  1. When I try the link for the law journals custom search I get the police review board search. Bad link?

  2. How does this differ from Google Scholar? Does Google Scholar not include this content already? Is it a subset of Google Scholar? Thanks, it’s very interesting.

  3. Super to find someone else using the Google Custom Search for scholarly OA content! You may like to look at my JURN search tool, a very big and highly curated Custom Search for OA full-text. I’ve been working on it for about six years now. It started with arts and humanities OA journals, but has since widened in scope – it had a big intake of business and law journals in spring 2015…