Tips Tuesday

Here are excerpts from the most recent tips on SlawTips, the site that each week offers up useful advice, short and to the point, on technology, research and practice.


Shaunna Mireau

I usually talk about currency from the “the quality or state of being current” perspective. Today, I used the Bank of Canada Currency Converter to look at the exchange rate which leads me to today’s tip that deals with another definition of currency…


Commit to Change*
David Bilinsky

In talking to hundreds of law firms, I am struck by a common theme. Many of these firms have tried to implement change, only to be faced by staff (i.e. lawyers in most, but not all, cases) who refuse to go along with the change and still do things the old way. …


The Google Doodles Archive*
Dan Pinnington

Over the years, Google doodles (adaptations of the standard Google logo) on the Google homepage have generated surprise and interest for people visiting the Google site to do a search. Doodles celebrate events, holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous people. …

* Editor’s pick

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