Alphabet – Google Restructure – How Does It Affect Us?

The Google re-org announced Monday has the tech press in a huge buzz. Lots of virtual ink has been spent explaining and analyzing the change. Essentially, Google created a parent company called Alphabet, left the core business in Google, and created sister companies to Google that will operate some of its other projects, such as the self driving car and smart medical sensing contact lenses.

This change has some sound logic behind it from a business perspective. There are also interesting side stories, such as how their choice of as a domain for the new company has dramatically increased the sales of .xyz domain names, and perhaps helped end the dominance of the .com TLD.

So what does it mean for the average person? Not much in the short term. It does, however, mean that they will continue with their “moonshot” programs that could in the long term bring us self driving cars, drone delivery systems, and medical innovations around aging.

It also means that Android will continue to evolve and innovate, and provide some healthy competition to Apple and Microsoft.


  1. Another interesting side story is that the name Alphabet is already in use by many other entities, including the automaker BMW:

    So perhaps we will hear more about the trademark issue.