Tracking Supreme Court of Canada Cases

I’m sure many of you keep track of cases pending before the Supreme Court of Canada. What is your preferred method for doing so? I had been hoping to find an RSS feed (or something similar) on the SCC docket page. I suppose I could use a website tracking tool to track the particular docket page that I am interested in. But I was hoping there would be a nice easy-to-use tool already set up for me to do that! I tried QuickLaw and came up with a somewhat clunky work-around (I set up a scheduled search for the SCCA file, which I’m told will come up as a “new result” when it is updated with further information about whether leave was granted or denied). I couldn’t find any tools to perform this function in WestlawNext. Am I missing something – is there an easier way to do this? What has worked for you?


  1. In 2011, LexisNexis had a case tracker with email alerts for proceedings from the Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal and Supreme Court but they appear to have discontinued the service. See announcement:

    I have a custom automatic SCC tracker for intellectual property cases at the Supreme Court ( and the accompanying email alerts include new leave applications in the area of IP with related leave decisions and judgments.


    Supreme Advocacy LLP publishes a weekly newsletter that may be what you’re looking for:

    This weekly electronic newsletter provides Canadian lawyers with “hot-off-the-press” Supreme Court of Canada decisions every Thursday. The Supreme Advocacy Letter enables lawyers to be kept up to date on Canada’s most recent jurisprudence. The use of headings, allows for quick-scanning so if you’re litigating/advising/managing a particular file(s), you can quickly tell what issues the SCC is dealing with of relevance to your case.

  3. I just subscribed to the SCC’s mailing list for News Releases. Works for me, so far. I also get the Supreme Advocacy newsletter, usually a short time after receiving the SCC’s e-mail.