Public Speaking: Some People Love It, Some People Hate It, Yet We All Have to Do It

“The most precious things in speech are the pauses.” – Sir Ralph Richardson

No matter the job, all lawyers need to speak well. Below are some helpful pointers for public speaking:

  1. breath deeply using your diaphragm and talk while breathing out;
  2. use lots of air while talking;
  3. do not hold your breath while talking;
  4. start your sentence in a lower tone;
  5. emphasize the end of the sentence (end your sentence in a low pitch);
  6. emphasize the key words in your sentence;
  7. pause for effect;
  8. emphasize points through alliteration;
  9. use inclusive language when drafting your presentation (e.g. we, us, you, I as opposed to using the third person);
  10. repeat a key word or phrase three times; and
  11. draft your presentation in bullet points, then practice speaking-out loud the bullet points. (This is because the way we hear and the way we read are different. So in order for the audience to pick up your message, you must speak conversationally.)

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