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♫ Don’t hold me back I want to feel vulnerable.
Disregard everything that I’ve been told.
Don’t blend in stand out and be bold.
Today’s the day that we break the mold… ♫

Lyrics, music and recorded by Austin Jones.

prov ct

The Provincial Court of BC will break the mold for the 2nd time and hold a second Twitter Town Hall on Thursday April 6, 2017 between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM Pacific Time. Chief Judge Crabtree will again answer questions tweeted to #AskChiefJudge.

You can expect a lively dialogue with legal discussion provided not only by the Chief Judge but by members of many other legal organizations that are participating in the town hall along with the public, lawyers, law students, law faculty and others. This opportunity to ask and hear from multiple points of view in real time on Twitter was simply, unprecedented a year ago. #AskChiefJudge became a twitter ‘trending’ topic during the town hall – a sure sign of success from a participation viewpoint. This event became a Canada Day ‘amazing story’ chosen by Twitter Canada, indicating its impact not only on BC but on Canada (and the Twitter Universe).

The Provincial Court of BC is not new to Twitter or the web. @BCProvCourt is a very active Twitter handle and tweets regularly on topic related to the courts, law and related developments. There is a page for Students/Teachers on the BC Provincial Court Web Page and people can subscribe to their e-news. This is one of the most open and transparent courts in the world and it is setting an example of how a traditional institution does not have to be locked into a traditional mindset. Of course this all comes from leadership at the top and staff that support an innovative approach to courts, dispute resolution and the role of courts in society.

This is one of the highlights of Law Week 2017 with events right across Canada (and the web!).

On April 6, come and join a historic discussion and send your questions into the Chief Judge and don’t be afraid to stand out and be bold. That will be the day that we break the mold (again!). See you all online.

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