Primer to Legislative Research Across the Provinces and Territories

Alan Kilpatrick, a law librarian with the Law Society of Saskatchewan (LSS), wrote earlier this month on the Legal Sourcery blog about a new Primer to Legislative Research Across the Provinces and Territories published by the Vancouver Association of Law Libraries (the linked version is a reprint by the LSS).

From the text of the Primer:

“This primer to legislative research is arranged by province/territory, with each table providing answers to seven questions.

  1. Do you have a centralized resource for Court Rules (either print or online)?
  2. Do you have any resources that help you with Provincial Point-In-Time Research?
  3. What is your legislative assembly’s website? Can you access Hansards from this website?
  4. Where do you go for legislative materials?
  5. Does your province/territory have a Continuing Legal Education Society? If yes, do you have access course materials and other resources? Is it a paid subscription?
  6. Does your province/territory have Courthouse Library Services?
  7. Is there any other resource that you find invaluable for legal research? Are there any other resources specific to your province/territory that you want to highlight?”

According to Kilpatrick, the editors of the primer, Alexandria Everitt and Stef Alexandru, are still searching for contributors from Quebec and New Brunswick. Please contact

[Source: Legal Sourcery]

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