vLex Canada Open for Business

Well, the wait is over. Just in case you haven’t been watching, Maritime Law Book is now Compass and Compass introduced vLex Canada. There are some interesting and useful delighters with vLex Canada Open.

Delighter #1 – No barriers to entry
It is easy to sign up with no cost via two clicks by selecting your Google or Facebook credentials. Some content, like the ability to search using the MLB topic number, is available for paid subscriptions only. This makes sense. It highlights that there is value to adding information.

Delighter #2 – Look and feel
A clean screen with obvious search functionality which recognizes that searching and browsing are different activities. The service appears easy to use and indeed, I found what I was expecting to find.

Delighter #3 – Functionality
Folders, favorites, filtering, annotations, advanced searching, clear source lists, retained history. Really, I can’t think of anything that is missing – and all of that is base functionality with no cost access.

The system is well thought out and the vLex platform is very accessible.
Well done Colin. vLex Canada is worth following.


  1. Thank you, Shaunna!

    I’m delighted by your delight and am pleased to say our friends at vLex are equally delighted!

    You know the saying, “the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed”?

    Well, it turns out that at least part of Canada’s future was in Spain, Colombia, Mexico and all the other countries where vLex operates. As new major investors in Compass, they are committed to bringing the best of the world to Canada and helping us develop and launch the innovations that they can implement elsewhere.

    We’ve begun chronicling our journey in a blog at http://disruptlaw.ca/.

    Very grateful to Slaw and other publishers and partners that will be working with us to create a new legal research experience for Canadians!