Protection From Age Discrimination in Alberta

Last week the Alberta Human Rights Amendment Act, 2017 passed 3rd reading. On Royal Assent it will change the law so that as of January 1, 2018, age is a protected ground of discrimination relating to goods, services, accommodation or facilities and tenancy. Exceptions remain and I encourage you to read the Alberta Human Rights Commission bulletin for interesting details and a summary of the amendments.

CBC covered the story that led to the amendments – a Queen’s Bench application by the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society that was granted by Belzil, J. on January 6, 2017.

It is interesting to me that the bill provides for a very long timeline to comply with some of the points in the legislation: existing age restrictions in condominiums will be allowed until December 31, 2032.

The new section 4.1 provides that providing a benefit (i.e. discounted movie tickets for youth or seniors) is not discrimination. Phew – I will still get my seniors discount in a few years!

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