The Pitch Returns to Toronto

In 2016, the CBA hosted “The Pitch” in Ottawa, a showcase of legal innovation in Canada. The event was a natural extension of the CBA Futures Initiative, helping the organization take the lead for innovative change in law.

Winners and finalists in previous years have gone on to make further ripples in the legal industry. In 2016, Loom Analytics was voted the audience’s choice, and has gone into further development at Ryerson’s Legal Innovation Zone. Blue J Legal continued to develop a partnership with Thomson Reuters. The winner, Beagle, was a winner in the 2018 ABA TechShow Alley, has taken the lead in international incubator partnerships, and recently launched a new extension to identify personal identifiable information.

The Pitch is coming to Toronto this year, and will be held on May 1, 2018. This year’s finalists include:

Registration is free, and is available here.


  1. Aviva Rotenberg

    Thanks for this, Omar. The CBA is proud of our exciting initiative to encourage and support innovation in law. We are looking forward to a great event tomorrow.