How to Publish With CanLII

In my last post, I discussed the benefits of publishing with CanLII. Today, I’d like to dive into some of the options on how you can get your work onto the largest legal information resource in Canada. 

Publish With Publishers Who Share Their Content on CanLII

CanLII’s commentary collection has prospered thanks to the incredible group of publishers, law firms, law centres, and other institutions that have partnered with us. A great way to share your work on CanLII is to publish with one these content providers. Check out this Twitter list or browse our commentary collection to learn more about them and find one that fits your expertise. 

CanLII Authors Program

Since its launch in the summer of 2018, the CanLII Authors Program has brought in a wave of contributions from books, newsletters, reports, and journals. 

We are looking for any content or project ideas that will be useful to CanLII users. Content types can vary from an LLM thesis to a collaborative book project and on topics ranging from contracts to employment law. Get inspired by exploring content from authors already on CanLII.

To get started, all you need to do is submit your work though the Authors Program page. After submission, we review, notify you, integrate it into CanLII, and promote it! Yes, it’s that easy. 

If you have a book that needs some editorial help, or an idea for a collaborative resources, we welcome you to reaching out to us through our feedback form

CanLII Connects

CanLII Connects has been around since 2014 and has brought in over 4,000 contributors and more than 67,000 case summaries and commentaries. For all you members of the legal community who have a lot to say about the latest cases and want an opportunity to form collective opinions, this platform was built for you. We’ve also seen writers get creative with this platform, using it like a blog for their firm’s team to share content on cases in their areas of focus, or as a learning opportunity when integrated into a law course curriculum. It’s easy to register and you can sign up here.

CanLII provides the legal community not only with a useful online resource, but with opportunities to connect and engage with the content that is being provided. If you have any questions on how to publish with CanLII, don’t hesitate to contact us! 


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