Monday’s Mix

Each Monday we present brief excerpts of recent posts from five of Canada’s award­-winning legal blogs chosen at random* from more than 80 recent Clawbie winners. In this way we hope to promote their work, with their permission, to as wide an audience as possible.

This week the randomly selected blogs are 1. Condo Adviser 2. Great LEXpectations 3. First Reference 4. BC Injury Law Blog 5. BC Provincial Court eNews

Condo Adviser
Webinars are back ! COVID UPDATE on Wed. September 9 @ 5pm

Naturally, our first episode will focus on… you’ve guessed it: COVID. Lots has happened since our last webinar of last Spring: Ontario had ended the emergency, most of Ontario has entered into phase 3 and many cities have adopted bylaws making masks mandatory in interior common elements. …

Great LEXpectations
Labour Day and Employment Law Book Display

In 1872, a printers’ strike fought for a nine hour work day, parading through the streets of Toronto demanding better hours. Soon it gained the attention of Sir John A. MacDonald who would introduce legislation that year that would legalize worker unions in the Trade Union Act. Support grew and soon lead to the declaration of a National Holiday by John Thompson on 23 July 1894…

First Reference
Labour Day is a national virtual public holiday in 2020

Labour Day is an annual and global holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers around the world. For most countries, Labour Day is linked with International Workers’ Day, which occurs on May 1. For other countries, Labour Day is celebrated on a different date, often one with special significance for the labour movement in that country. Often, Labour Day is a public holiday (a.k.a. statutory or general holiday) in many countries including Canada. However, this year, the celebrations are going virtual. …

BC Injury Law Blog
$9,076,854 Judgement For Plaintiff With Catastrophic Brain Injury Following Tractor Trailer Collision

Reasons for judgement were published today by the BC Supreme Court, Vancouver Registry, assessing damages at over $9 million for a Plaintiff who sustained life altering injuries following a tractor trailer collision. In today’s case (Uy v. Dhillon) the Plaintiff’s vehicle was struck by a tractor trailer while driving on the Coquihalla highway in British Columbia’ interior. The Defendant denied fault but was found liable at trial with that finding being confirmed by the BC Court of Appeal. …

BC Provincial Court eNews
Provincial Court operations back in full swing!

In March 2020, the Provincial Court of British Columbia responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by limiting court operations to urgent matters. Since then the Court has gradually expanded its operation while modifying both court procedures and physical spaces to protect the health of court users and reduce the number of people gathering in courthouses. …


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