Announcing the National Family Law Arbitration Course

I am really very pleased to announce the new National Family Law Arbitration Course, a 40-hour course organized by myself, Lorne Wolfson and the inimitable Lawrence Pinksy. This course is intended to provide a comprehensive introduction to the arbitration of family law disputes in Canada, and includes two optional 7-hour pre-course programs for mental health professionals and family law lawyers inclined toward masochism and therefore interested in working as parenting coordinators.

While good arbitration courses abound in this country, they tend to focus on employment, construction and other corporate and commercial disputes; none are designed to address the special nature and special needs of family law disputes. This course will fill that gap. It will be taught by established family law lawyers, arbitrators and academics practicing in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario, including Wayne Barkauskas QC, Professor Rachel Birnbaum, Tom Dart, Herschel Fogelman, Aaron Franks, Cheryl Goldhart, Stephen Grant, Arlene Henry QC, Alf Mamo, Danny Melamed, Krysta Ostwald QC, Eugene Raponi QC, Brahm Siegel and Bryan Smith, as well as Lorne, Lawrence and me. We will also be joined by Senator Murray Sinclair, who will discuss Indigenous perspectives on the arbitration of disputes, and by two superior court judges from Alberta and Ontario, who will address the role of the courts in arbitration processes.

The course will be provided through an interactive virtual platform in February and March 2021, with the pre-course programs running in January. (This course will not be provided as a passive webinar. Participants’ active engagement in class discussions and exercises is required.) Download the current syllabus and registration brochure from and read the full list of faculty.

Please join us.

Contact Lorne Wolfson (Torkin Manes LLP, Ontario), Lawrence Pinsky (Taylor McCaffrey LLP, Manitoba) or me (John-Paul Boyd Arbitration Chambers, British Columbia and Alberta) for more information about the course.

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